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About us

18A Street was originally a single family home many years ago.  Eventually, Clint Richardson (some 20 years ago) bought it and began The Pit Surf Shop. Rachel Hynes knew the local surfers needed some food/drink options and Stir It Up was her vision.  Its popularity quickly grew and she ended up hiring a staff to help serve her guests.

When Rachel left to start a family, and Rusty purchased the business in 2012.  He added the beautiful coquina counter that is still in front of the order window and painted some of the Bob Marley quotes seen on the porch.  Rusty also cleared the sand to reveal the pavers hidden in front of the steps up to the Stir It Up porch on A Street.

In 2013, Wyndham and Charles Yancey took over and added more equipment, new flooring, additional pavers, and hired a local artist, Addie Gibson to decorate the tables and counters with fruit and vegetables – symbolizing the local and healthy foods sold at Stir It Up.

Cynthia Michael purchased Stir in 2016, as Wyndham’s family was quickly growing.  Since that purchase, she has replaced all tables & benches (she made herself with the help of Mike Adams, Willard Day, & James Gomez), added hammock chairs,  some new menu items, extended the hours, and began delivery to the beach area businesses and homes.

The Stir It Up team is a family, we love our guests (2 and 4 legged) and we look forward to meeting you and….
Seeing you on the porch!

Cynthia Michael


Follow us on Instagram @ @stiritupstaug

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